How to Tune Your Lancia 037 Stradale for Rallying in For

Learn how to tune your Lancia 037 Stradale for rallying in forza horizon 4 with this guide. This guide covers everything from engine and transmission to suspension and tires.

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The Lancia 037 was a purpose-built rally car Lancia introduced in 1983 to replace the aging Ferrari 308 GTB, which had been the Italian automaker’s entry in the World Rally Championship since 1978. The 037 was designed by Abarth and built by Pininfarina. It used a double wishbone suspension layout in the front and a De Dion tube setup in the rear. The car was powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine that produced 200 horsepower. In total, 213 street-legal cars were built to comply with homologation regulations, making the 037 one of the rarest Lancias ever produced.

If you’re lucky enough to own an 037 Stradale, you know that it’s not only a rare and valuable collectors item, but it’s also an amazing piece of machinery that is just begging to be taken out on the open road or onto the track. Whether you plan on rallying your 037 Stradale or just want to tune it for better performance, there are a few things you need to do to make sure your car is up for the task.

The Lancia 037 Stradale

The Lancia 037 Stradale is a mid-engined sports car built by Lancia to compete in the FIA Group B World Rally Championship. It was driven by such world-renowned rally drivers as Walter Röhrl, Markku Alén, and Massimo Biasion. The car was also very successful in its class, winning the Constructors’ Championship in 1983.

If you’re a fan of rallying, or if you just want to tune your 037 Stradale for maximum performance, there are a few things you can do to get the most out of your car. Here are some tips on how to tune your Lancia 037 Stradale for rallying:

1. Make sure the engine is in good condition. This is especially important for a high-performance car like the 037 Stradale. The engine must be able to withstand the stress of being pushed to its limits on a regular basis.

2. Make sure the suspension is in good condition. The 037 Stradale has a very stiff suspension, which is necessary for high-speed driving on rough roads. However, this stiffness can lead to problems if the suspension is not in good condition.

3. Make sure the tires are in good condition. The 037 Stradale comes with special Pirelli tires which are designed for use on Rally tracks. These tires must be in good condition in order to provide the necessary grip and traction on loose surfaces.

4. Make sure the brakes are in good condition. The 037 Stradale has very powerful brakes which are necessary for safe driving at high speeds. However, they can be subject to wear and tear if they are not properly maintained.

5. Make sure the drivetrain is in good condition. The 037 Stradale has a very sophisticated drivetrain which must be kept in good condition in order to work properly

Tuning your 037 Stradale for rallying

The Lancia 037 Stradale is a legendary car. It was Lancia’s last rear-wheel drive car before the company switched to four-wheel drive, and it’s fair to say that it was one of the most successful rally cars of its era. If you’re lucky enough to own one, you’ll want to tune it for rallying. Here’s how:

First, you’ll need to adjust the suspension. This will involve lowering the car, stiffening the springs, and adjusting the dampers. You’ll also need to fit larger anti-roll bars.

Next, you’ll need to tune the engine. This will involve installing a larger turbocharger, fitting a bigger intercooler, and remapping the ECU. You might also need to increase the fuel supply.

Finally, you’ll need to tweak the brakes. This will involve fitting larger discs and pads, and possibly upgrading the calipers. You might also need to adjust the bias valve.

With these modifications, your Lancia 037 Stradale will be ready to take on any rally stage.

Suspension and tyres

The Lancia 037 Stradale was a purpose-built rally car, so it’s no surprise that it responds well to a few modifications for use on the stage. First up is the suspension: you’ll want to stiffen it up significantly for the rigours of rallying, but be careful not to make it too harsh or you’ll lose traction and skid off the road. Next are the tyres: again, you’ll want something with more grip than the standard road tyres, but make sure they’re not too soft or they’ll wear out quickly. Finally, you’ll need to lower the car’s ride height to improve its aerodynamics and handling on tight corners. With these few modifications, your Lancia 037 Stradale will be ready to take on any rally stage!


Having the right engine tune is critical for getting the most out of your Lancia 037 Stradale on the rally stage. There are a few things to keep in mind when tuning your engine for rallying. First, you want to make sure that your engine is running at peak performance. This means that you’ll need to ensure that all of your engine’s systems are in good working order. You’ll also want to consider adding some performance-enhancing modifications, such as a larger turbocharger or a high-flow exhaust system.

Once you’ve ensured that your engine is running at its best, you can start thinking about tuning it specifically for rallies. One of the most important aspects of rally tuning is finding the right balance between power and traction. You’ll need enough power to get through the stages quickly, but you also need to be able to put that power down effectively through all kinds of terrain. This often means sacrificing some ultimate power in favor of better traction.

Another important consideration when tuning your Lancia 037 Stradale for rallying is making sure that your suspension is up to the task. The rough and tumble nature of rallying means that your suspension will take a beating, so it’s important to make sure that it’s up to the task. This often means stiffening up the suspension, which can sacrifice some ride comfort on the road but will pay dividends on the rally stage.

Finally, don’t forget about tires when tuning your Lancia 037 Stradale for rallying. The right set of tires can make a huge difference on the stage, so it’s important to choose wisely. There are a variety of different tire types available, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Do some research and talk to other rally drivers to find out what tires they recommend before making your final choice.


The 037 Stradale was equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox. This gearbox was very similar to the one used in the Lancia Beta Montecarlo but with a revised final drive ratio. The gear ratios for the 037 Stradale are as follows:
-1st gear: 3.180
-2nd gear: 2.041
-3rd gear: 1.471
-4th gear: 1.143
-5th gear: 0.857

The final drive ratio for the 037 Stradale is 3.727.


The Lancia 037 Stradale is a world-renowned rally car, and tuning its brakes is essential to getting the most out of the vehicle. When done properly, tuned brakes can improve your 037 Stradale’s stopping power, making it more responsive and reliable in race conditions. Here are some tips on how to tune your 037 Stradale’s brakes for rallying:

1. Make sure that your brake pads are in good condition and of the correct type for your vehicle. Worn or damaged pads will not provide adequate stopping power and can even cause damage to your brake rotors.

2. Inspect your brake rotors for any signs of wear or damage. Damaged rotors can cause decreased stopping power and increased brake fade. If necessary, replace your brake rotors with fresh ones.

3. Make sure that your brake fluid is fresh and at the correct level. Old, contaminated fluid can cause decreased braking performance and even failure in extreme conditions.

4. Periodically check the condition of your brake lines and hoses for any signs of leaks or wear. Replace any worn or damaged components to prevent loss of braking pressure.

5. When setting up your 037 Stradale for rallying, make sure to adjust the stiffness of your suspension to account for the increased weight of the vehicle while under braking forces. This will help to prevent suspension bottoming and tire rub during hard braking maneuvers.


While the 037 Stradale is a safe car, there are a few things you can do to make it even safer. One of the most important things you can do is to upgrade the brakes. The 037 Stradale came with disc brakes all around, but they are not very large. You can upgrade to larger discs and pads for better braking performance. You should also consider upgrading the suspension. The factory suspension is quite soft, and this can make the car feel unstable in certain situations. Upgrading to a stiffer suspension will improve handling and stability.


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