How to Tune Your Dodge RT in Forza Horizon 3

Learn how to get the most out of your Dodge RT in forza horizon 3 with this tuning guide.

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Dodge RT Tuning in forza horizon 3 is a process that allows you to improve the performance of your car. By adjusting various settings, you can make your car more responsive and faster. In this guide, we will show you how to tune your Dodge RT in forza horizon 3

What You’ll Need

To start the process, you’ll need the following:
-Dodge RT
-Forza Horizon 3

Once you have those items, you’ll be able to start the process of tuning your Dodge RT.

Preparing Your Dodge RT

In order to get the most out of your Dodge RT in forza horizon 3 you’ll need to tune it to your specific driving style. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Choose the right tire compound. The Dodge RT comes with three different tire compounds: soft, medium, and hard. Each compound has its own pros and cons, so it’s important to choose the one that best fits your driving style.

2. Adjust the camber settings. The camber is the angle of the tires in relation to the ground. If you’re noticing that your tires are wearing down too quickly, you may need to adjust the camber settings.

3. Lower the ride height. The lower the ride height, the better aerodynamics and handling your Dodge RT will have. However, be careful not to lower it too much, as this can adversely affect performance.

4. Improve airflow with aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts can help improve airflow and cooling, both of which are important for optimal performance.


Tuning Your Dodge RT

Dodge RTs are a class of car in forza horizon 3 They are available in a variety of colors, and have different modifications that can be made to them. You can tune your Dodge RT to make it faster and more responsive.

Testing Your Dodge RT

If you have a Dodge RT and want to get the most out of it in forza horizon 3 you need to know how to tune it. Luckily, we’ve got a guide that will help you do just that.

To tune your Dodge RT, you first need to find a tuning shop. In forza horizon 3 these are marked on the map with a wrench icon. Once you’ve found one, pull up to it and hit the A button to enter.

Once you’re in the tuning shop, head to the “Test & Tune” section. Here, you’ll be able to test out your car on the track before making any changes. This is important, because it will let you know what your car is currently capable of and how it handles.

Make sure to pay attention to how your car feels while you’re driving it. Is it stable? Does it feel like it’s going to slip out from under you? Is the steering responsive? These are all important things to note before making any changes.

Once you’ve got a feel for how your car handles, you can start making some adjustments. Head over to the “Car Setup” section and start playing around with things like tire pressure, camber, and toe angle. Just remember – take things slow at first and don’t make too many changes at once. You don’t want to end up making your car undriveable!


Dodge RT Tuning in Forza Horizon 3 is vital to success if you want to be one of the best drivers in the game. By following the steps above, you should be able to get your Dodge RT tuned properly and make it an unstoppable force on the road. Thanks for reading and good luck!

Further Reading

If you own a Dodge RT and are looking to get the most out of it in Forza Horizon 3, there are a few things you can do to tune it up. Below are some recommended modifications and settings to help you get the most out of your car.

The Dodge RT comes stock with firm suspension, which is great for high-speed cornering but can make for a jarring ride on poor quality roads. If you find yourself frequently hitting bumps and potholes, consider switching to a softer suspension setup. This will improve comfort without sacrificing too much in the way of performance.

The RT comes with 18” wheels standard, but if you’re looking to improve grip and handling, consider upgrading to 19” or 20” wheels. Wider wheels will also improve stability at high speeds.

The RT comes with performance tires standard, but if you want even more grip, consider upgrading to race-spec tires. These will wear out faster than regular tires, but they’ll give you the best possible grip levels on dry roads. In wet weather conditions, however, regular tires will actually provide better grip than race-spec tires.

The RT comes with powerful brakes standard, but if you frequently find yourself driving in heavy traffic or at high speeds, consider upgrading to race-spec brakes. These will provide shorter stopping distances and improved fade resistance under hard braking.

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My name is Alex, and I’m a professional video game player and car enthusiast. I’ve been playing Forza Horizon 3 since it came out in 2016, and I’ve become pretty good at it. I decided to write this guide because I wanted to share my knowledge with other people who are interested in the game.

I’ll be honest, tuning your car in Forza Horizon 3 can be a bit confusing, but it’s definitely worth the effort. With the right tuning, you can make your car handle better, accelerate faster, and even improve its fuel efficiency. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so that you can get the most out of your Dodge RT.

I hope you enjoy this guide!

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