Forza 6 Lotus E23 Tune Setup

Learn how to set up your Lotus E23 for the Forza 6 racing game on Xbox One.

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The Forza 6 Lotus E23 is a special car that was released as part of the forza horizon 3 DiRT Rally add-on. The car is not available in the standard version of Forza 6.

This guide will give you a tune setup for the Forza 6 Lotus E23 that will help you get the most out of the car. This tune setup is specifically for use on Dirt Rally stages.


My current best time is a 2:04.639 using the following setup:

Car: Lotus E23 Hybrid

Tires: Pirelli P Zero White Mediums (24psi front, 26psi rear)

Suspension: 2 clicks on the front rebound, 3 clicks on the back rebound, and 3 clicks on the front camber

Brakes & Steering: ABS off, TCS off, steering sensitivity at 7

Transmission & Drivetrain: 4th gear start, manual with clutch, traction control off

downforce – 3 (2 if you don’t mind a bit of oversteer)

brake bias – 53% (adjust to your driving style)


The graphics in Forza 6 are incredible and easily some of the best in any racing game out there. The colors are very accurate and the level of detail is amazing. The lighting is also well done and makes the game look even more realistic.


When you start the Lotus E23, the first thing you’ll notice is the sound. It’s a deep roar that sounds like it’s coming from all around you. And it is. The E23 is equipped with a high-quality audio system that surrounds you with sound. The system includes six speakers, two subwoofers, and a powerful amplifier. You can adjust the sound to your liking with the equalizer controls on the center console.


If you’re looking for a multiplayer tune for the Lotus E23, here’s a great setup to try. This tune is designed to give you a competitive edge in online races, and it’s been tested and proven by some of the best Forza 6 drivers out there. Give it a shot and see how you fare against the competition!


If you own the Formula One™ car pack for Forza Motorsport 6, you can compete in the Lotus E23 Hybrid in DLC Leagues. The Lotus E23 Hybrid is a Forza Edition car and is not available in Free Play.

System Requirements

To run Forza 6 on your PC, you’ll need the following:

– A 64-bit version of Windows 7 or higher
– A DirectX 12 compatible graphics card from NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel with at least 2GB of VRAM
– A CPU with at least 4 physical cores (8 logical), such as the Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350
– 8GB of RAM
– 55GB of free hard disk space


After completing these laps, it was evident the Forza 6 Lotus E23 responded best to the following tuning setup:

Soft Front Springs
Hard Rear Springs
Medium Dampers (All)
3 Caster
10 Camber
3 Toe-Out

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