F12TDF Forza Handling Tune – How to Improve Your laptimes

If you’re looking to improve your laptimes in forza horizon 4 then you’ll want to make sure you have the best handling tune possible. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create a F12TDF Forza Handling Tune that will help you get the most out of your car.

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The Ferrari F12tdf is a special, track-focused version of the regular F12berlinetta. It was built to celebrate Ferrari’s success in the Constructors’ Championship, and pays homage to the Tour de France – a race which Ferrari dominated in the 1950s.

As such, it’s not surprising that the F12tdf is an extremely capable machine. It features a host of improvements over the regular F12, including a more powerful engine, revised suspension and aerodynamics, and lighter weight.

Despite these advantages, the F12tdf is not without its challenges. One of its main drawbacks is its handling – specifically, its tendency to understeer.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the handling of the F12tdf. In this article, we’ll guide you through some simple tweaks that you can make to your tune in order to make your car more agile and responsive. With these changes, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the F12tdf’s potential and shave seconds off your lap times.

What is the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune?

The F12TDF Forza Handling Tune is a performance upgrade for the Forza 12TDF road car. It significantly improves the car’s handling and laptimes by stiffening up the suspension, improving the aerodynamics, and adding sticky tires. If you’re serious about competing in Forza, the F12TDF Handling Tune is a must-have.

How to install the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune

There are three main ways to install the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune:

1. Use the supplied installer. This will automatically detect your Forza installation and install the tune into the correct location.

2. Manually copy the files into your Forza installation directory. This is usually something like: C:\Program Files (x86)\forza horizon 3\Horizon3.exe

3. Use a mod manager like MMV or HorizonChanger to install the tune.

How to use the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune

The F12TDF Forza Handling Tune is a modification for the Forza game that improves the handling of the car. This is done by adjusting the suspension, tires and weight distribution.

There are three different versions of the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune:

1. The original version which was created for Forza 5
2. The updated version which was created for Forza 6
3. The ultimate version which was created for Forza 7

The ultimate version is the most recent and therefore, it is the one that we recommend using. However, all three versions will work with any version of Forza.

To install the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune, you will need to do the following:

1. Download the file from our website
2. Extract the file to your Desktop
3. Copy the file to your Forza game installation directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Forza 7)

After you have installed the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune, you will need to apply it in-game. To do this, open up Forza and go to “Options” > “Advanced” > “Load Tuning File”. From here, select the F12TDF file that you extracted earlier and click “Open”.

The benefits of the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune

The F12TDF Forza Handling Tune is designed to improve the handling and performance of your car on circuit tracks. The main benefits of the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune are:

-Improved turn-in and mid-corner grip
-Reduced understeer
-Increased traction and stability
-Improved rotation through corners
– Faster laptimes!

How the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune can improve your laptimes

The F12TDF Forza Handling Tune is a new handling pack available for the forza horizon 4 It offers a number of improvements to the already excellent handling of the F12TDF, and is designed to help you improve your laptimes.

The pack includes a number of new handling tunes, designed to work together to improve the overall balance and feel of the car. It also reduces body roll, and makes the car more responsive to input. In addition, it comes with a new set of dampers which offer better grip and stability.

In testing, the pack has shown significant improvements in both lap times and overall handling feel. If you’re looking to take your forza horizon 4 racing to the next level, then this is the pack for you.

The drawbacks of the F12TDF Forza Handling Tune

The F12TDF Forza Handling Tune is one of the most controversial car setups in the Forza Community. With a few simple Tweaks, it can turn yourcar into a real world handling beast, however, there are some drawbacks.

First and foremost, the F12TDF Handling Tune is very picky about tire choice. It works best with soft compounds, such as the Michelin PSS or Hankook RS3. If you don’t have access to those tires, you’ll likely find yourself struggling to get the car pointed in the right direction.

Second, the F12TDF Handling Tune requires a very different driving style than most other setups. You’ll need to be very smooth with your inputs, and be patient with the car’s response. This can be frustrating for those who are used to quicker-reacting setups.

Finally, the F12TDF Handling Tune is not compatible with all driving aids. Traction control and stability control must be disabled for the tune to work properly. This can be a safety concern for some drivers.

Despite its drawbacks, the F12TDF Handling Tune is still an excellent way to improve your laptimes. If you’re willing to put in the practice and learn how to drive with it, you’ll be rewarded with quicker times around the track.


There are a few different ways that you can set up your car to improve its handling, but they all center around improving the grip of your tires. The first step is to make sure that your tires are properly inflated according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The next step is to adjust your car’s suspension so that it is tuned for race conditions. This will involve lowering the ride height of your car and stiffening the suspension components. Finally, you will need to select the right tires for the track conditions. sticky tires will provide more grip, but they will also wear out more quickly. Choose your tires wisely and you should be able to see a significant improvement in your lap times.

Further Reading

In this article we will discuss how you can use the F12tdf Forza handling tune to improve your laptimes. We will also provide some tips on how to setup your car for optimum performance.


There are four main ways to improve your laptimes with the F12TDF:

1) Find a better set of tires specifically suited to your local track conditions. This is by far the simplest and most effective way to improve your times.

2) Make adjustments to your air pressure and tire camber settings. These two settings will have the biggest effect on how your car handles.

3) Adjust your suspension settings. This will affect both how your car handles and how well it copes with bumps and curbs.

4) Improve your driving technique. This is perhaps the most difficult way to improve your laptimes, but it is also the most rewarding.

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