User Testimonials

★★★★★ | BONNICS
"I have been using the tuning calc for a long time. I have become really good at using it, but I still havent learned everything from it yet. If you put the time in to truly understand this powerful tool, you will enhance your times, scores, and enjoyment on the track. If you are a novice tuner or just want to get those few tenths, FTC will get you there. Maybe your good at tuning RWD, but suck at AWD, this will get you to the point that no car, no matter what the configuration is, you will be able to tune, control, and be competitive with this. Thank you SM."

★★★★★ | Farming the Fog
"I use the spread sheet to initiate tunes on all my cars now. I still have to adjust some elements to suit my driving style, but it is a great starting point. I find that tire pressure is set low, especially for short races. I hope you are thinking about Forza 5. I know that I have learned a great deal from this tool. While I don't understand all of it, I understand more than when I started tuning."

★★★★★ | jpnVR4
"Still can't figure out how to adjust crazy rebound values that surpass max. Other than that for a base tune on ANY car, this calc is completely unbelievable! I would recommend it to anyone that has had issues learning to tune or understanding if they are going in the right direction. Awesome work!"

★★★★☆ | JVz
"This is by far the most comprehensive tuning calculator I've ever used in any video game. Almost any car can be fixed to handle much better than usual, and for the ones that aren't fully fixed, there are plenty of parameters that can be adjusted to play with car-specific problems. For a racer who knows barely anything about the math behind tuning cars (other than "make it stiffer/softer"), this calculator has been incredibly useful, especially for competitive racing. The included documentation (in the paid version) was extremely helpful in learning how to best upgrade cars to get the best performance per PI."

★★★★★ | EZT TomCat7
"I also have used the Forza Calculators since Slave Munky has been releasing them to the Forza community. Even before the Calcs were spread sheets. I find the tunes very helpful in getting a fast and good tune to use on all the tracks. Some tracks you need to tweak the output to suit your style of driving."

★★★★★ | howierd42
"I have been using this tool since it's first inception. SM did the community a great service by developing this calculator. He has made Forza fun again for all types of players, expert and novice alike. The expert can shave seconds off their best times and the novice can become competitive overnight. It is mindlessly easy to use and highly recommended!"

★★★★★ | Juneek One
"I, for one, want to let you know how much I appreciate your work and dedication. FTC has enabled me, (a fairly decent driver but NOT mechanically inclined) to improve my driving skills with enhanced set up deviations prompted by FTC. Thank you."

★★★★★ | PPiDrive
"I began using the calculator just for basic tunes in FM3 and it has made almost every car in the game much more drive-able and fun. It made me want to learn more about tuning and gain a better understanding of the subject. I love it!"

★★★★★ | LT MULDOON
"I use various methods to tune but I always start with the spread sheet to get my base tune. It's a great tool for anyone who wants to jump right in and start tuning their own stuff instead of sorting through the storefront."

★★★★★ | Centurion 47th
"Finally I understood how to use FTC in best way! Thanks a lot to the FTC that allowed me to set my cars in the garage at competitive level and to be able to compete with other drivers without frustration (from F200 until D350), I hope so much that your work will continue with FM5 and Project CARS, there are no words to thank you really and you have all my respect!"

★★★★★ | JR112
"This tuning tool is extremely helpful. It gives you a new level of understanding car dynamics. It makes the casual gamer feel emerged in the game more and the more pro gamers better their skills. Very informative graphs. You guys should come out with an APP. I’m sure it will do very well."

★★★★★ | WVvandal
"Exceptionally good. I like the turning, they make the handling perfect, and make Forza 4, hopefully Forza 5, even more realistic. I like to run with no handling assists. Also I enjoy all the information they put into it. Makes my Forza time that more interesting and exciting. I want to congratulate all the great minds that made this happen for all the many Forza Fans. My helmet is off to all of the brilliant and great programmers and their excellent support team. I could go on and on about Forza Tuning Labs, but I got one more setup to do. Thank you very much. A VERY HAPPY USER."

★★★★★ | BiggLou55
"I've been using FMTC since dipping into tuning back in early 2012. I have also watched this tool grow into what it has become today. Before version 4.6, there was quite a bit of tweaking needed once the FMTC base tune was applied. Since version 4.6, the base tunes FMTC spits out are quite good, and only require slight tweaking, if any. 99% of the time it's just adjusting the frequency or adjusting suspension percentages. I don't ever feel the need to do manual tweaking anymore."

★★★★★ | Plastic1111
"I'm new in forza 4 but FTC is most advance and easy to use tuning tool for FM4. great work. i Love it."

★★★★★ | RedDragon68
"Since I love making bonkers cars such as a 702 hp Nissan Versa or 900 hp 1940 Ford, this tool is great for making such beasts very driveable! Great work and VERY MUCH appreciated!"

★★★★★ | ss Mr Blonde zz
"The FTC has been a HUGE help to me setting up my cars for various tracks. I have learned a great deal using it as well. It has also been a BIG factor in my success racing Classic American Muscle. You GOTTA use this it will take your racing to another level!"

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